The team

It is people that have helped Bodega de Sada grow and become successful, and their value is immeasurable.
Both people who work there today and those that have done so over the 75 years and more of our history.
Shareholders, employees and families have all played their part at our winery with dedication and commitment. On a daily basis, with application, this young dynamic crew have worked skillfully and professionally and demonstrated their commitment and passion for the world of wine.

From left to right (seated): Ana Mancho (production personnel), Francisco Javier Muruzábal (Chairman), Pilar del Castillo (Finance and Administration), Manuel Albo (Sales manager for Spain), Ignacio Ilarraz (General Manager), María Eransus (Winemaker). From left to right (standing): Luis Carlos Urricelqui (vine-grower), Martín Moriones (vine-grower), Luis Ángel  Mateo (vine-grower), Izaskun Barbarin (Quality control and laboratory), Joaquín Pérez (vine-grower), Jesús Maria Lecumberri (vine-grower), Francisco Javier Sagüés (vine-grower) and Javier Piñedo (Production Manager).